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Rosemary Pill Bespoke illustrated Coffins
Unique. Personal. Artfully Crafted.

Planning a funeral is a deeply personal and often challenging process. In these moments, finding meaningful ways to honour and celebrate the life of your loved one can provide a sense of comfort and connection.

Rosemary Pill’s Bespoke Coffins, offer a unique and heartfelt solution: one-of-a-kind, illustrated art coffins that reflect the individuality and spirit of those who have passed.

Each coffin is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted by artist Rosemary Pill. 


Her inspiration comes from the fleeting beauty of momentary impressions, the subtle nuances of atmosphere, the richness of textures, and the graceful fluidity of movement. This artistic approach ensures that every coffin is not just a resting place, but a vibrant celebration of life.


Rosemary’s bespoke designs transform traditional coffins into extraordinary works of art, providing a farewell that truly honours your loved one. By choosing a bespoke coffin, you are opting for a deeply personal tribute that encapsulates cherished memories and the essence of the departed.


We understand the sorrow and difficulty involved in planning a funeral. Our goal is to help ease that burden by offering a unique way to commemorate the life of someone special. Let Rosemary Pill’s bespoke coffins provide the farewell they deserve, turning a time of grief into a celebration of their unique journey and legacy.


Thank you for considering Rosemary Pill’s Bespoke Coffins. We are here to support you in creating a beautiful, memorable farewell for your loved one.

“The inspiration for my artwork comes from momentary impressions, atmosphere, textures, or movement. When planning a funeral, it is a sad, difficult process, but by choosing my original artwork, it can bring you closer when celebrating the life of a loved one. It provides them the farewell they deserve. I am Rosemary Pill, and I studied at Chelsea & Putney school of art and design.”
Rosemary Pill

Below is Rosemary’s portfolio, showcasing her illustrations. Any of these designs can be applied to a coffin. Once you select your preferred illustration, we can provide a proof of the artwork on the coffin itself.