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Crack of willow

Crack of Willow

For many of us, sport can become a passionate corner-stone of our lives, manifesting itself in a life long dedication to a particular team. Many of the requests that utilise our personalised service reflect this passion, and sporting and team coffins remain some of our most popular designs. Through flags and motifs we can reference national teams, and in the event of wanting to include a specif club, our designers, wherever possible, can liaise to secure the permission to do so.


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Fully Personalised Design

Everyone in life is unique and we believe that a picture coffin should reflect the individual qualities of the departed. Our design team are on hand to create a truly bespoke picture coffin.



The coffins come with a natural biodegradable cotton lining and are supplied with either a traditional nameplate, or the details of the deceased incorporated into the final design.

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Size Chart

The coffins are available in three standard sizes. A number of outsize coffins are available. Please contact the Reflections team for more information.

Standard Sizes - 13” or 14” depth Outsize avaialable - incur a 20% surcharge
16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 5’ 2 5’ 5 5’ 8 6’ 2 5’ 11 6’ 5 6’ 8 6’ 11 7’ 2 7’ 5 COFFIN WIDTH (INCHES) COFFIN LENGTH (FEET & INCHES)